Statement on quality and product safety

TAIYO YUDEN CO., LTD. and its affiliates and subsidiaries (hereafter called "TAIYO YUDEN") considers that ensuring quality and product safety of product which is designed, developed, produced, or sold by TAIYO YUDEN is utmost management issue, and shall observe this statement, and ensure quality and product safety in order to make persistent supply of product with customer satisfaction to worldwide market.

  • 1. Legal compliance

    TAIYO YUDEN shall observe and comply with legal obligation on product safety such as Consumer Product Safety Act.

  • 2. Responding to customer requests

    TAIYO YUDEN shall accurately grasp customer requests on quality and product safety and make best effort to respond such requests. TAIYO YUDEN shall proactively collect, understand and analyze quality information in customer application and market, and provide proper quality information.

  • 3. Quality management system based on preventive action

    In order to ensure quality and product safety, TAIYO YUDEN shall perform quality control based on effective and preventive activity, and strive for maintaining control level and continuous improvement.

  • 4. Contingency plan on product safety

    In case of accident on safety due to TAIYO YUDEN product, TAIYO YUDEN shall, according to contingency plan on product safety, take prompt action to minimize damage.


Shoichi Tosaka