Contributing to Society

Our corporate approach is to coexist harmoniously with the local communities and wider global society that our business touches. Toward that end we actively encourage tours of our factories, and promote community exchanges and exchanges with other companies as part of our activities to contribute to society.

Beautification Activities

Community Clean-Up Activities [ TAIYO YUDEN GROUP Business Sites ]

We are committed our engagement in environment protection activities in the region at all sites of TAIYO YUDEN Group.
Together with people in the community, we are cleaning up various places, including the roads surrounding our plants and local parks.

Community cleanup activities on hills, riversides, and sea coasts [ TAIYO YUDEN GROUP Business Sites ]

TAIYO YUDEN GROUP Business Sites are leading litter cleanup activities on hills, riversides, and seacoasts, where many different types of organisms live.


TAIYO YUDEN (PHILIPPINES) plants trees every year. This year, 75 of its employees planted 10,000 trees in 4 hectares. The cumulative number of trees planted since 2003, when it started this activity, is more than 130,000.

Mangrove plantation [ TAIYO YUDEN (SARAWAK) ]

TAIYO YUDEN (SARAWAK) planted 1,600 mangrove trees in a national park in Kuching.

Exchange with local people

Manufacturing lessons [ TAIYO YUDEN ]

The Taiyo Yuden Group gives elementary school children lessons on manufacturing every year. The purpose of these activities is to spark children's interest in science by providing them with fun and hands-on experience of making electronic gadgets.
It has been 10 years since we started this manufacturing class in 2008.
This year, we made "robots that do not fall over" with elementary school students.

Participation in festivals [ TAIYO YUDEN ]

As part of contribution to the community, TAIYO YUDEN has been participating in the "Takasaki Festival," the "Tamamura Festival," the "Haruna Festival" and the "Ise-machi Gion Festival" in Nakanojo Town. Many employees and their families participated in these festivals and boosted the festive mood together with other local people.

Plant tour [ TAIYO YUDEN GROUP Business Sites ]

The TAIYO YUDEN Group offers a factory tour and experiential learning courses, and considers them important opportunities to interact with the people of the community.

  • Health checkup practice for students
  • Factory tour for elementary school students

Donations to Local Communities

Support for Social Welfare Activities [ TAIYO YUDEN GROUP Business Sites ]

TAIYO YUDEN Group makes contributions to many organizations every year.
Domestic sites of TAIYO YUDEN Group make contributions to the Sato Fund for Orphans from Traffic Accidents as well as to Gunma Prefecture.
The Sato Fund for Orphans from Traffic Accidents was founded by the founder of TAIYO YUDEN, the late Mr. Hikohachi Sato, supporting orphans from traffic accidents for their school tuition, as well as traffic safety education activities.
KOREA TAIYO YUDEN has been running a fund for orphans from traffic accidents to support their school tuition twice a year. They also make contributions for primary school tuition once a year. TAIYO YUDEN (PHILIPPINES) provides commodities and cash to some organizations.

Effective use of resources [ TAIYO YUDEN Mobile Technology ]

TAIYO YUDEN Mobile Technology donates PET bottle caps or used stamps to various organizations to cooperate in their medical or educational support activities.

Blood donation activities

Blood donation activities [ TAIYO YUDEN GROUP Business Sites ]

The Taiyo Yuden Group organizes blood donation activities at its sites.
TAIYO YUDEN CO., LTD. Takasaki Global Center has been carrying out blood donation activities every year and received a letter of appreciation from the Gunma Prefecture Blood Donation Promotion Council.