Contributing to Communities

Our corporate approach is to coexist harmoniously with the local communities. We contribute to communities, such as holding and participating in volunteer activities and charity events, interacting with communities and providing factory tours.

Environmental Beautification

Community Beautification [ TAIYO YUDEN Group Sites ]

TAIYO YUDEN Group holds local environmental beautification in various places, including roads around our sites and local parks, together with people in the community.

  • Fence Painting on Public-Road
    (April 2018)
  • Cleanup Around Site (June 2018)
  • Plogging / Eco Run
    (June 2018, Malaysia)

Cleanup on Hills, Riversides, and Seacoasts [ TAIYO YUDEN Group Sites ]

To conserve environment, TAIYO YUDEN Group continuously leads cleanup on hills, riversides and seacoasts, where various types of creatures live.

  • Lakeside Cleanup (May 2018)
  • Riverside Cleanup (August 2018)
  • Seacoast Cleanup (August 2018)



TAIYO YUDEN (PHILIPPINES) has afforested mangrove seedlings in Olango Island since 2008. They planted 2,500 seedlings in 2018.
TAIYO YUDEN (SARAWAK) has afforested mangrove seedlings at Kuching Wetlands National Park since 2017. They planted 1,500 seedlings in 2018.

  • Olango Island (October 2018, Philippines)
  • Kuching Wetlands National Park (August 2018, Malaysia)

Preservation of Water Source [ TAIYO YUDEN (PHILIPPINES) ]

TAIYO YUDEN (PHILIPPINES) has afforested every year to preserve water sources since 2003. In 2018, they planted 1,200 seedlings including bamboos and turmerics, and the total number of planted trees has exceeded 130,000.

  • (October 2018, Philippines)

Interaction with Communities

Electronic Handicraft Workshop [ TAIYO YUDEN ]

TAIYO YUDEN has held electronic handicraft workshop for elementary school students every year since 2008. This aims to spark their interest in science through experience of electrical work.
In 2018, elementary school students made robots equipped with an optical sensor.

  • (August 2018)

Participation in Festivals [ TAIYO YUDEN ]

TAIYO YUDEN participates in the "Takasaki Festival," the "Tamamura Festival," and the "Ise-machi Gion Festival" in Nakanojo Town. Many employees and their families participate in these festivals and boost the festive mood together with local people.

  • Takasaki Festival (August 2018)
  • Tamamura Festival (July 2018)
  • Ise-machi Gion Festival
    (August 2018)

Factory Tour [ TAIYO YUDEN Group Sites ]

TAIYO YUDEN Group provides factory tours with community as a means of mutual understanding.

  • Factory Tour for Elementary Students (December 2018)
  • Factory Tour for College Students (October 2018, Malaysia)

Donations to Communities

Support for Children [ TAIYO YUDEN Group Sites ]

TAIYO YUDEN Group Sites in Japan make contributions to the Sato Fund for Orphans from Traffic Accidents as well as to Gunma Prefecture. The Fund was founded by Hikohachi Sato, the founder of TAIYO YUDEN, supporting orphans from traffic accidents for their school tuition, as well as traffic safety education.

Other sites also support children in its local communities.
TAIYO YUDEN (PHILIPPINES) invited local elementary students for charity event and gave them some gifts.
TAIYO YUDEN (GUANGDONG) contributed picture books to kindergarten.

  • Sato Fund Donation Ceremony (December 2018)
  • Charity Event for Elementary Students (April 2018, Philippines)
  • Picture Book Donation to Kindergarten
    (November 2018, China)

Support for Charity Run Event [ TAIYO YUDEN (SARAWAK) ]

TAIYO YUDEN (SARAWAK) supported for Charity Run Event as one of the sponsors and 80 employees participated as runners.
Part of the proceeds of this event donated to a local charity organization, Kuching Autistic Association.

  • (April 2018, Malaysia)

Blood Donation

Blood Donation [ TAIYO YUDEN Group Sites ]

TAIYO YUDEN Group organizes blood donation activities at its sites.
Malaysian Red Crescent Society (Kuching District Chapter) awarded TAIYO YUDEN (SARAWAK) for its proactive donation.

  • (October 2018, Malaysia)