Diversity Promoting Activities

TAIYO YUDEN Group is setting up "CSR Code of Conduct" in terms of respecting diversity, characters and personalities of employees as well as ensuring work-site environments without any discriminations, and based on the concept, Group will proceed recruiting, developing, allocating and application. Also, by creating work-site environments where employees are able to express their full abilities such as childcare/ family-care leave system or work-relaxation measures, or maternal/ family leave system, and as a whole, Group will proceed positive application/ promotion for females and local human resources.

Addressing for Promoting Female Activities

TAIYO YUDEN Group is drawing up and carrying out the action plans for promoting female activities in order to create employment environments where a lot of motivated females are able to participate actively.
Also, the information on female participation is announced such as following:

Action plan for Promoting Female Participation

TAIYO YUDEN CO., LTD. is drawing up the following action plan to create the employment environments where a lot of motivated females are able to participate actively.

  • 1. Planning Period:April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2021

  • 2. Assignments of Company:

    ① Making higher female adoption rate and employee rate is necessary.

    ② Planned fostering/ promotion for making higher female rate occupying management position and supervisor.

  • 3. Target and Addressing Contents, Implementation Timing

    Target 1: New Female Graduate Rate 30%

    <Addressing contents>

    ● April, 2019 ~
    Recruit orientation, conducting presentations for females with home page and pamphlets.
    ● April, 2019 ~
    Positive acceptance of females through internship.
  • Target 2: Creating Environments for Promoting Female Positive Participation.

    <Addressing contents>

    ● April, 2019 ~
    Drawing up and promoting education programs with the purpose of fostering and positive participation of motivated females.

Information on Female Positive Participation

Recruiting Status

While recruiting number is increasing annually, female recruit rate is also getting higher. In FY2016, 11%, but as the results of addressing based on action plan, in FY2019, the rate reached 36% and the target was achieved.
The measures for making higher female recruit rate will be conducted further.

Employee Structure

We are enhancing recruitment of female employees, while currently % of female employees in whole group is around 20%, and no big change has been found.
Manager rate is in increasing trend, however, female rate is only 1%, which shows a great gap compared to 15% of males. Fostering female employees become main issues.

Average Working Year

As for average working years, no big difference is found between males and females, but female working year is longer than male's.
In FY 2018, female working year got lower -0.6% compared to the last fiscal year, which seems to have been effected by the increase of recruiting females.
We will further address to create more workable work-site.

Monthly average of Overtime Hours

As for monthly average of overtime hours, no big change is found and is keeping almost the same level.
Also, for monthly average of overtime hours, the difference between males and females is big, which we think that the difference is effected by working shifts in Manufacturing Division.

Human Resource Internationalization

Number of Employees by region (TAIYO YUDEN Group)

Applying Local Human Resources

In TAIYO YUDEN Group, even for the sites outside Japan, positive promotion for local excellent human resources have been conducted.
In companies overseas, promotion rate in managers for local human resources is 68.6%. (As of April, 2019)

Local human resource proportion
Region All Managers
USA, Europe 56.6%
China, Taiwan 68.8%
South Korea 85.2%
Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand 64.8%
Philippines 66.7%