Management Philosophy

Employee Well-being  Betterment of Local Communities  Responsibility to Provide Returns to Shareholders

Since its founding in 1950, TAIYO YUDEN has built a foundation for growth by working to develop and mass produce ceramic capacitors and other products that meet the most current needs of our customers and the markets we serve based on our corporate philosophy of conducting every step “from the research and development of materials to product commercialization.” Currently, we are deploying our research, development, production,and supply of capacitors, inductors, functional modules, and FBAR/SAW devices globally, thereby supporting the growth of the IT and electronics industries from the field of high-quality, sophisticated electronic components.

In order to realize the TAIYO YUDEN Management Philosophy, we must continue to reliably deliver products with unquestionable quality to our customers around the world and ensure the perpetual, steady growth of the company. TAIYO YUDEN aims not only to enhance economical value but also to heighten social value by fulfilling our social responsibilities in response to the demands and expectations from our stakeholders.

We are also committed to undertaking activities aimed at the promotion of labor and human rights, health and safety, environment conservation, and ethics, as well as product safety and quality.

Going forward, we will continue to further strengthen our bonds with all of our stakeholders as we aim to become a trusted partner.