Component Library

We provide component libraries for microwave circuit, PI and SI simulators.
Please select a component library for your simulator.

Microwave circuit simulators S-parameter Library/Equivalent Circuit Library
Keysight ADS Component Library for Keysight ADS Design Kit format (*1, *2), 2017.12 Ver.3.0
Component Library for Keysight ADS Old format (*3), 2009.10 Ver.1.7
Keysight Genesys Component Library for Keysight Genesys 2017.12 Ver.1.3
ANSYS Designer & Nexxim by ANSYS Corporation Component Library for ANSYS Designer & Nexxim 2017.05 Ver.3.3
AWR Microwave Office & APLAC Component Library for Microwave Office & APLAC 2017.05 Ver.2.3
SI/PI simulators Equivalent Circuit Library
Zuken CR-8000 and CR-5000 Lightning Component Library for CR-8000 and CR-5000 Lightning 2016.06 Ver.1.8
The new library is now available for ADS2011 or any later version. (It is also available for older versions.)
Ver. 1.7 is also available if you want to use our Library of old format. Please note that you cannot use both of design kit format and old format at the same time.
Old format is available for ADS2011 or any later version.

Equivalent Circuit Library for microwave circuit simulators was developed with our own technology

We have developed our own “Frequency-Dependent Equivalent Circuit Data” that enable to reduce dramatically your simulation time, based on high-accuracy S-parameters. These are data with frequency functions included in equivalent circuit data of each component. With these frequency-dependent equivalent circuit data, you can reduce your simulation time, maintaining the same accuracy as simulation with S-parameters.