Activities on Intellectual Property Rights

Policy on Intellectual Property Rights

We, TAIYO YUDEN Group, endeavor to obtain, maintain and protect intellectual property rights for proper use, and also to respect for intellectual property rights of third parties, in accordance with our CSR Code of Conduct.

Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

At TAIYO YUDEN Group, the Intellectual Property Department and the Developing and Engineering Department work in close cooperation with each other from early stages for developing new technologies and obtaining intellectual property rights. We have own management system to create, protect and utilize intellectual property rights fitted for our each business.

Utilization of Intellectual Property Rights

We maintain and utilize various IP portfolio for developing, M & A, licensing, alliance etc.

Measures against Counterfeit Products

We are actively promoting to exercise our rights against unauthorized users of TAIYO YUDEN Group's brand name, particularly in Asia including China Republic, in order to prevent such unauthorized uses from affecting customer's confident and our business opportunities.