Expand business opportunities and accelerate time to market by choosing TAIYO YUDEN's Bluetooth® low energy modules.

Bluetooth® low energy modules with an embedded antenna smaller than current small-type modules are developed

Bluetooth® is rapidly spreading as technology that supports the Internet of Things (IoT). With support for this technology becoming standard on smartphone and cell phone operating systems, Bluetooth® is being embedded in devices and used in ways that were previously unimaginable.
This has diversified requirements for Bluetooth® modules, creating demand for smaller sizes, embedded software, and a built-in antenna.
TAIYO YUDEN is an electronic component company that has grown with the history of Bluetooth® and was one of the first companies in the world to acquire qualification for a full module compliant with Bluetooth® v1.1. To meet the diversified needs, We have launched modules with an antenna, reducing their area by about 48% compared to our existing small modules, as well as modules compatible with Bluetooth® v5.0. Compact developer's boards and kits are also available.

Comparison among modules compatible with Bluetooth® 5

Dimension (mm) 3.25 x 8.55 x 0.85 5.1 x 11.3 x 1.3 9.6 x 12.9 x 2.0
Chip Nordic nRF52832 with S132 V5.0.0 SoftDevice
ARM Cortex M4F, Flash 512KB, RAM 64KB
GPIO Pin 15 15 30
32kHz Crystal External External Internal
LC for DCDC External External Internal
Common Specifications Embedded Antenna,
FCC, ISED, MIC Certified,
Bluetooth Logo Qualified,
Bluetooth Version v5.0

Choosing a module that is best suited to your needs

Use the chart below to find out which Bluetooth® low energy module is right for you.

IoT, which is taking the world by storm, and Bluetooth® low energy, which supports it

Bluetooth® embedded devices, whose total shipment is expected to reach 4.6 billion units in 2018, is one of the important elements to support IoT. Bluetooth® low energy realized extreme suppression of power, allowing devices to run for over a year with one coin-cell battery. It is rapidly expanding business opportunities with ideas for being used for standard smart phone peripherals as well as various other development devices.

Bluetooth® low energy Module
(Bluetooth® low energy technology)

TAIYO YUDEN is an electronic component company that has followed the history of Bluetooth® that developed a module compliant with Bluetooth® v1.0 from the following year of the establishment of Bluetooth® SIG, and was one of the first in the world to acquire qualification of a full module compliant with Bluetooth® v1.1. In particular we incorporate high quality components such as capacitors, inductors, and antennas of the interior of Bluetooth® low energy modules that fully use multilayer techniques, high frequency technology, and high density mounting technology, which are the strengths of TAIYO YUDEN. In this way we maintain the high level of Bluetooth® low energy modules with miniaturization, low power consumption, and low cost.

The period until making into a product is decisive factor with Bluetooth®
TAIYO YUDEN has various support systems for the realization of early development

The thing that must be considered the most when incorporating Bluetooth® low energy into devices and equipments of a company is the "Time to Market". In other words, it is the challenge of reducing the time until the realization and commercialization. With developments that require wireless communication, there are tons of tasks that take up the time of the designer such as the tuning of the antenna, certification by the Radio Law, and software development. And so TAIYO YUDEN realized the "steps for designing easily and developing in an easy to understand way". We support development for quick realizations.

No need for development/ examination of excellent versatile radio units Antenna mounting  Work/ costs relating to the acquisition of the certification of the Radio Law is unnecessary  Comes with Radio Law certification (Japan/ Canada/ United States) (*Please contact regarding the acquisition of Radio Law certification of foreign countries) High frequency design technology unnecessary High frequency evaluation facility unnecessary Easy application development with built-in evaluation tool versatile CPU Evaluation board prepared Reliability guaranteed Guarantee with a full design guide wireless function Evaluation board Application development Since we adopted the chip of Nordic Semiconductor it is possible to download the profile certified by Bluetooth® SIG for free, and mount it on the module Guidance of downloading the download software from the homepage of Nordic Semiconductor

The expanding application of Bluetooth® low energy

The Bluetooth®, which functions in place of cable connection while maintaining high-level security, is expanding its way of use from the standard concept of a peripheral for smart phones to short distance wireless technology of development devices in various industries such as health care and home security.

Representative cases until now  Evolution from now

Developer story We have a history of being deeply involved with development from Bluetooth® v 1.0.