Application Examples

Bluetooth® low energy application examples that are expanding their application

The wireless technology of Bluetooth® low energy allows devices to run for over a year with one coin-cell battery, and it has also become possible to install in various devices such as watches by realizing miniaturization and low costs. For this reason it is expanding into IoT markets such as health care, medical, sports, fitness, home security, home entertainment, car electronics, and various industrial devices for new business opportunities.
Here we would like to introduce possible application examples including those that already exist.

Representative examples until now   Evolutions from now

Application example Wearing Bluetooth® low energy

  • ■ Health care/ medical

    • Diabetes control
    • Action monitor
    • Weighing scale
    • Blood pressure meter
    • Vital signs
  • ■ Sports & Fitness

    • Heart rate belt
    • Speed/ distance foot pod
    • GPS pod
    • Pedometer
    • Activity sensor
    • Bike cadence sensor
    • Bicycle speed sensor
    • Bicycle/ power sensor
    • Weighing scale
  • ■ Wearable devices

    • Head-mount display
    • Shirt (wearable sensor)
    • Accessory (wearable sensor)
    • Watch

Application example Heart rate monitor

  • ■ The pulse sensor detects the pulse and transmits the pulse data to the Bluetooth® low energy module.
  • The Bluetooth® low energy module calculates the heart rate from the received pulse data and wirelessly transmits the heart rate to the tablet device according to the Heart Rate Profile.
  • ■ The tablet device displays the received heart rate.
    Receiving and sending data through the Internet is also possible.

Application example Living with Bluetooth® low energy

  • ■ Home automation

    • Remote control
    • Light control
    • HVAC
      (heater, ventilation, air conditioning)
    • Control access
    • Smart Meter
  • ■ Entertainment

    • Game controller
    • Remote controller
    • 3D glasses
  • ■ Home security

    • Security sensor
    • Pet sensor
    • Baby care sensor
    • Security camera
  • ■ Car electronics

    • Hands free
    • Key fob
    • Abnormality detection

Application example Working with Bluetooth® low energy

  • ■ OA

    • PC peripherals (mouse, keyboard, track pad, presenter)
    • HVAC (heater, ventilation, air conditioning) control
  • ■ Industrial devices

    • Robot control
    • Handy terminal
    • HVAC (heater, ventilation, air conditioning) control
    • Industrial automation (work efficiency management)
    • Light control
    • Open/ close control
    • RF ID others
  • ■ Beacon

    • Shopping
    • Trade shows
    • Monitoring

Developer story We have a history of being deeply involved with development from Bluetooth® v 1.0.