STEP2-1 Special characteristics and stability of Lithium Ion Capacitors High reliability at high temperatures and high stability Those are the conspicuous characteristics of Lithium Ion Capacitors

Lithium Ion Capacitors are hybrid capacitors that combine the properties of an electrical double-layer capacitor, with a lithium rechargeable battery. The positive electrode has the physical adsorption (surface) properties of an electric double-layer capacitor, while the negative electrode has the oxidation reduction reaction of a lithium rechargeable battery.
By doing this the merits of both systems: the long life of an electrical double-layer capacitor, and the high capacity of a Lithium Ion rechargeable battery; are realized in one capacitor.

  Electrical Double-layer
Lithium Ion Capacitor Lithium Ion
Rechargeable Battery
Operating Temperature Range -25~70℃ -25~85℃ -20~60℃
Electrode Material Activated Charcoal Activated Charcoal
Carbon Based Material
Li metal oxide
Carbon Based Material
Electrolytic Organic Solvent Organic Solvent Organic Solvent
Electrical Storage Method Using the naturally occurring electrical double-layer Using the electrical double-layer and
ion doping and de-doping
Using an oxidation-reduction reaction
Polluting None None None
Number of recharges 100,000 times or more 100,000 times or more 1,000 times
Capacitance / Volume (*) 1 2 100

* Comparison using Electrical Double-layer Capacitor = 1


Development Story

High Power Density + High Capacitance

Whitepaper TAIYO YUDEN Lithium Ion Capacitors
TY-COMPAS(Taiyo Yuden COMPonent Assist System)
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