Many different electronic devices and sensors have been integrated into automobiles to realize more efficient driving. In recent years, devices that keep track of the condition of the driver have also been developed so as to make driving more comfortable and allow quick actions to be taken in the case of an emergency.
TAIYO YUDEN's piezoelectric pressure wave sensors are small enough to be incorporated into the seats or seatbelts of automobiles. In addition, the ability to detect continuous pressure fluctuations can be used to keep track of the driver's condition by detecting sitting posture and sensing respiratory or body-motion signals, allowing for safer and more comfortable driving.

Example applications in mobility

Respiration and sitting posture sensing

Sensing units
Installation to a seat and waveform display

Mechanism of the sensing unit and example of a respiration waveform

  • A sensor with an embedded airbag senses respiratory or body-motion signals.
  • Suitable for integration into a seat or seatbelt.
Respiration sensing system
Example of a respiration waveform
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