Industrial Equipment

Industrial equipment that supports activities in factories and offices contains many different sensors. Further developments in precision and sensing of phenomena that were not able to be measured until now have been sought to realize more precise and complex operations in the future as well.
TAIYO YUDEN's piezoelectric pressure wave sensors exhibit a characteristic high sensitivity to infrasonic vibrations. From their ability to detect waveform and spectral changes, we extrapolate that the sensors can be used effectively to detect abnormal vibrations and for preventive diagnosis of various facilities.

Example applications in industrial equipment

Infrasonic vibration analysis (non-destructive inspection)

  • Piezoelectric pressure wave sensors exhibit high sensitivity to infrasonic vibrations.
  • ・Experimental results with a concrete rupture show that a low frequency signal is generated before crack formation.

  • Can effectively be used for abnormal vibration detection and preventive diagnosis for facilities.
  • Can detect waveform and spectral changes.
Images from concrete rupture experiments (Kurihara Laboratory, the department of Urban and Civil Engineering, the Faculty of Engineering at Tokyo City University)
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