Extracting a maximum power of photovoltaics Necessity of PV Micro Converter solhueru(TM)

For example, if one PV module here suffers from shading by  a tree or utility pole...
  • When a solar panel (PV module) is covered by dirt, obstacles, shade from trees or utility poles, the amount of power generation from other panels connected in series also declines.
  • Conventional power conditioners (PCSs) cannot control PV modules individually.
  • Therefore, compared to the actual generating capacity of the PV module, the maximum amount of power cannot be obtained.

The amount of power generated has a reduction in not only one PV module, but also in panels connected in series. That is an issue of regular photovoltaic systems.

Why does such a thing happen? Problems of Regular Photovoltaic Systems

The amount of power generated by a PV module is reduced due to dirt, obstacles, and shade. However, the problem goes beyond the power generated reduction of one panel being shaded.
When the amount of power generated by one PV module drops to half, the amount of power generated by all PV modules connected in series will also be halved as well. If the amount of power generated is reduced by shade of trees in two places of the figure, the amount of power generated by other panels connected in series reduces to 50%.
This is because the power generated state of an individual PV module is not managed by a power conditioner.
In this way, there are actual cases that the maximum power can not be extracted from the power generated capacity of PV module.

MPPT Control by PV Micro Converter "solhueruTM" *

Other PV modules are able to keep a maximum power by the PV micro converter "solhueruTM"

In order to extract the maximum power of a PV module, a PV micro converter "solhueruTM" of TAIYO YUDEN was created.
A major difference from the conventional photovoltaic system is that the PV micro converter "solhueruTM" is installed in each PV module. Thus, the maximum power can be supplied even if there are two places having a decreased amount of power generated due to shade of trees, which do not impact other PV modules connected in series.
A PV micro converter "solhueruTM" is a product to maximize the power being extracted from each PV module, and enables improving the power amount of the whole system. A large difference in the amount of power generated will be introduced from now.

* MPPT control stands for *Maximum Power Point Tracking, and is called tracking that follows the point at which the output power of the solar cell is at the maximum. (See the column)

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