Surface Innovation! New functions for the surface of parts and products Multi functional fine surface coating

What do you need to accomplish with multi functional fine surface coating?

First, we will introduce the solution examples using the multi functional fine surface coating. Some have already become practical, whereas others can be improved. These are a few examples. By treating the surface, more solutions can be thought of. There must be solutions which you have a need for. Please contact us.

Based on various surface treatment technologies which we have been improving, as TAIYO YUDEN group, the multi functional fine surface coating has been developed. It can offer 6 different functions due to detailed preparation controls such as our original membrane composition improvement, and film thickness prevention by nano-order.
Currently, mask for screen printing is the example of practical use. There had been masks for printing with coatings of various materials in multiple companies, but there has not been one to balance print performance such as abrasion resistance, dimensional stability and stable pasting and prevention of smears.
In the future, the uses range from daily to medical and industrial equipment. We can expect various applications with these 6 functions.
Applications and solutions on this page are only a few examples. Please do not hesitate to inquire and consult with us.
We are hoping to be able to find unforeseen applications and solutions with our customers.

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