Employee Enrichment through Safety and Environmental Training

We provide a variety of training programs covering both general and specialized knowledge to promote employees’ awareness of preventing occupational injury and illness, as well as active participation in environmental conservation.

Training Structure

Training Examples

General Training

Holding events associated with health and safety

At all sites, we hold various events associated with health and safety, providing employees with opportunities to raise their awareness and improve their skills. These events include health classes with a salad bar, lifestyle measurement meetings, driving aptitude assessments, and lectures on traffic.
Health class with a salad bar
Driving aptitude assessment

Occupational Health and Safety Training

High pressure gas safety education

We learned accident information and handling precautions associated with high pressure gases with the objective of preventing accidents in high pressure gas facilities.

Static electricity education

We invited external instructors to provide lectures on subjects such as the danger of static electricity (ignition of flammable objects by spark discharge), factors that cause static electricity, and countermeasures against static electricity.
High pressure gas safety education
Static electricity education

Environmental Training

Waste management education

We provided education programs on subjects including the classification of waste, outsourcing contracts, and the manifest system for managers of waste materials, with the objective of helping them to abide by laws and regulations.
Waste management education
Waste management education (on-site)