Health-Oriented Management

TAIYO YUDEN Group, through the pursuit of creating the workplace where the employees can work with a sound mind in a sound body, has been increasing the vitality and productivity of the company, in order to realize much higher corporate value.

TAIYO YUDEN Group: Health-Oriented Management

As one of the principles comprising our Management Philosophy, we uphold "Employee Well-being," to promote the physical and mental health of employees as a management priority, so that every employee can work with vigor, satisfaction and fully demonstrate their unique characteristics and abilities at their workplaces. To this end, we will establish an organizational system to support employees and raise their awareness toward health promotion, thereby helping them and their families to a fulfilling lives.

Shoichi Tosaka
Chief Healthcare Officer
March, 2019

Improving Work Engagement to Boost the Energy and Enthusiasm of Employees

TAIYO YUDEN defines "safety, health-oriented management, and work style reform" as key social issues. In particular, as part of efforts to promote health-oriented management, we endeavor to boost the energy and enthusiasm of employees, using work engagement as a key indicator. Furthermore, we are carrying out activities to help employees form healthy habits in order to reduce the risk of absenteeism and medical problems.

The relationship between work engagement and health-oriented management strategy

Note: work engagement is a positive and fulfilling psychological state associated with work by each employee.

Main Efforts (TAIYO YUDEN)

TAIYO YUDEN has set five health indicators (TAIYO YUDEN Focus 5) to provide employees with a variety of support in forming healthy habits.

Major Activities

Focus 5 Detail
Diet Dietary guidance to cont inuously work in a good health; seminars about lifestyle improvement and many more.
Non-smoking Full-day, full-scale Smoke Free Day took place across the Group (Japan) from 1st April 2021.
Seminars on issues related to habitual smoking, specifically, the harmful effects of smoking on health, relationship between smoking and COVID-19, and methods to stop smoking.
Exercise Seminars for preventing falls, targeting employees in their 50s and above, who have a higher risk of falling. Participants receive guidance on preventive measures and the importance of getting appropriate exercise while engaging in practice sessions.
Sessions for the measurement of physical fitness, in which physical exertion performance is assessed in five areas including movement agility and sense of balance. This is to allow participants to recognize the difference between how fit they think they are and their actual level of physical fitness.
Sleep Seminars to help shiftwork employees learn how to get good quality sleep.
Non-stress Workshop to help new employees reduce stress and anxiety at work through interaction with their same generation senior employees.

Certifications (TAIYO YUDEN)

White 500 for Outstanding Health and Productivity Management

We have been acknowledged for two consecutive years since 2021 by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in its Health and Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program for our strenuous efforts toward overcoming regional health-related challenges and promoting health-conscious activities led by the Nippon Kenko Kaigi.

Sports Yell Company

We were certified as a Sports Yell Company by the Japan Sports Agency in recognition of our wide-ranging activities for encouraging employees to engage in exercise and sports. Such activities include: promoting Radio Calisthenics and cycling to work (for which bicycle sheds have been installed on the premises); hosting walking events in cooperation with the health insurance association; organizing health promotion programs led by industrial physicians (exercise promotion seminars,physical ability check); and encouragement to employees of joining the company's sports clubs .

Gunma Prefecture's Partner for Cancer Prevention and Control

We were commended by the Gunma prefectural government for our efforts on cancer prevention and control, particularly for raising awareness in the workplace of the importance of undergoing cancer screening tests and incentivizing employees to do so, as well as for creating an environment to enable employees with cancer to continue working while receiving treatment.