会期 2016年8月24-26日 
地点 Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center Hall 2, 2K28


Theme of exhibition

The TAIYO YUDEN booth will highlight the theme "Next Evolutions."
The booth will be divided into 3 zones, 1) the Industrial Equipment ZONE, 2) the Car Electronics ZONE and 3) the Consumer Equipment ZONE.
We will be displaying Super High-End Products and NEXT High-End Products that skillfully apply our leading technologies, as well as solutions that combine the optimum use of these products.


Industrial Equipment Zone
  • Wireless Modules (Software Embedded Wireless LAN/BLE Modules)
  • Multifunctional Fine Surface Coating (M2/M3 Metal Mask)
  • Optical Displacement Sensors (General Use / High Accuracy)
  • High-Speed Visible Light Communications for Slip Ring Replacement / Modules
  • PV Wireless String Monitoring System
  • PV Micro Converters
  • Super Capacitors
  • Piezoelectric Pressure Wave Sensor
Consumer Electronics Zone
  • VCTD(Voltage Controlled Tunable Device)
  • Large Capacitance Capacitors(1-47µF、100-1,000µF)
  • Metal Core SMD Power Inductors MCOIL™
  • High Frequency High Q Multilayer Chip Inductors
  • Multilayer Common Mode Choke Coils / Ferrite Multilayer Chip Bead Inductors
  • FBAR/SAW Devices
  • Piezoelectric Actuators / Earphone Speakers
  • Embedded Parts Multilayer Wiring Substrate EOMIN™
Car Electronics Zone
  • High Reliability Products (capacitors / inductors)
  • Large Power Capacitors
  • Large Power Inductors
  • Large Lithium Ion Capacitors
  • Wireless Modules
  • Piezoelectric Actuators