Issues to be addressed

Further advancements in reducing the size and profile of devices, and in functionality and performance for communications equipment, such as smartphones, require a large number of cutting-edge small-size, low-profile electronic components with good features. Demand for electronic components is also growing in automotive and industrial equipment, healthcare, environment and energy markets where electrification is making progress, requiring higher quality and reliability than ever before.

In response to such market trends, the Company will develop super high-end products with a strong competitive edge that contribute to advancements in reducing the size and profile of devices as well as in functionality and performance.

The Company has positioned automotive electronics, industrial equipment, healthcare, the environment and energy as its focus markets and is striving to promote sales of high reliability products, to strengthen system solution proposals and to expand and diversify sales channels. Moreover, in order to meet strong demand, the Company will increase production capacity in Japan and overseas paving the way for sales growth. The Company will also reduce costs and develop a system that is not vulnerable to fluctuations in currency exchange rates by striving for high efficiency production and taking maximum advantage of overseas production sites.

While increasing its economic value, the Company will seek to increase corporate value by meeting the demands and expectations of stakeholders and fulfilling its social responsibility. In addition to product safety and quality, the Company also acts responsibly, engaging in initiatives such areas as labor and human rights, safety and health, the environment, and ethics.