Q&A Corner : Answer

What is ripple current?

The ripple current in capacitors mainly means the current flowing into capacitors when the load current to IC changes.

At this time, capacitors generate heat by the ripple current since they have resistance called ESR in themselves. In aluminum capacitors etc., the current value when temperature rises to a certain degree (different among manufacturers) by capacitor heat is specified as maximum current value able to flow into capacitors. This is called permissible ripple current.

Though there is no specification for the permissible ripple current in ceramic capacitors, they tend to generate lower heat than aluminum capacitors etc. because ESR characteristics of ceramic capacitors are better than that of aluminum capacitors. Please make sure to use our products so that the sum of ambient temperature and temperature rise by self-heating is within the operating temperature range.

Please refer to temperature rise characteristics by self-heating of each product in TY-COMPAS.