Activities on Procurement

Basic Procurement Policy

TAIYO YUDEN Group Basic Procurement Policy

Global Procurement

TAIYO YUDEN Group shall procure the parts, material, technology, machinery, and services most suitable for our products needs from the suppliers in the world.

Fair Trade

Opportunity to have business with TAIYO YUDEN Group is open to suppliers in the world based on equal and fair standard.
Compliance with the laws and the ethics shall be applied to the procurement activities of TAIYO YUDEN Group.

Mutual Trust / CSR

TAIYO YUDEN Group shall actively practice the CSR management in procurement activities and further establish sound partnership to build mutual trust and development.

Procurement Policy

Provide Fair and Equal Opportunity / Fair Procurement

Fair procurement will be practiced based on ethics. TAIYO YUDEN Group will sincerely respond to a company who wishes to establish business partnership with us. Fair evaluation standard will be applied to the rating of the supplier evaluation. If the company fails to have business as a result of the evaluation, its reasons shall be disclosed upon request to the possible extent.

Specification of the Procurement Information

"Basic procurement policy", "procurement principle", "registration process of the new supplier" and "various processes from purchase order to payment" and "corresponding contact persons" are clearly indicated.

Execution of Transaction Master Agreement in Procurement / Control of Confidential Information

TAIYO YUDEN Group shall conduct procurement based on written contract and strictly controls and manage the information acquired during the business transactions in accordance with the written contract.

Compliance with the Law

TAIYO YUDEN Group shall comply with laws and regulations related to procurement.
Unlawful acts such as intentional setting of an unfavorable negotiation with specific suppliers to their disadvantage, abuse of dominant bargaining position and other unreasonable restraint of trade or any suspicious acts shall not be conducted.

Environmental Conservation/Preservation

TAIYO YUDEN Group shall promote "Green Procurement" in the procurement of the parts, materials and services to respect environmental conservation viewpoint.

Declaration of Partnership Building

In March 2021, TAIYO YUDEN announced our "Declaration of Partnership Building" in order to build new partnerships by promoting collaboration, coexistence, and co-prosperity with supply chain suppliers and value-creating businesses.
"Declaration of Partnership Building" is a statement declaring a focus on coexistence and co-prosperity of entire supply chains and new partnerships transcending scale and group affiliations, and on conformance to desirable trade practices in business with parent companies and subcontractors.

Declaration of Partnership Building