Human Resources Strategy

Group Human Resources Strategy

In keeping with the philosophy of the Group's founder, TAIYO YUDEN Group understands the importance of workforce diversity and endeavors to encourage individual employees to express their unique character and personality, hoping to help them lead an enriched life.
With the above in mind, we build and implement ongoing human resources development strategies, focusing on three areas: autonomous ability to think and act independently and respond flexibly to change, globalization skills for implementing management strategies based on experience of different cultures; and innovation capabilities for creating new value to contribute to society by exercising strengthened professional expertise and creativity. Also, seeking to perform our HR mission to "shape the future of individuals and organizations," we are striving to create an environment that encourages both individuals and organizations to fulfill their potential and accelerate HR development efforts. Through these activities, we aim to facilitate the personal growth of each employee and increase our overall corporate value.

Main Efforts

Global human resources development

TAIYO YUDEN Group is working to build effective personnel development and deployment systems to be able to survive the competition in the global manufacturing marketplace. As part of measures to promote global personnel development, we invite local hires from overseas sites to TAIYO YUDEN's business bases in Japan to work and receive technical training. We are also running specialized in-house OJT programs in cooperation with external HR training services. We will accelerate the implementation of global personnel development strategies to establish a workforce that can compete effectively in domestic and overseas markets.

Leadership training

TAIYO YUDEN Group runs leadership training programs to develop prospective leaders for the coming five to 10 years. The ongoing program was launched in FY2019, and a total of 165 participants have taken the course. The program offers a three-year course for building important leadership skills and a leadership mindset. In the first year, participants learn skills for organizational improvement management (to lead organizational task-setting and problem-solving activities). In the second year, they engage in workshops on scenario-based strategic planning for the future 10 years hence.

Quality training

Quality is a key issue that involves not only manufacturing operations but also overall business activities. Aiming for quality improvement as a whole, TAIYO YUDEN Group started in-house quality training programs in FY2019. The programs have been designed to allow employees to understand scientific approaches and methods that can help improve work procedures and to acquire skills to practice relevant processes. Participants learn problem-solving and data-processing skills that are universally useful regardless of business category and work type, and acquire practical abilities based on a scientific understanding of quality management. Since FY2022, we added new three courses and run a total of ten courses.

Talent Training & Education Scheme (TAIYO YUDEN)

TAIYO YUDEN offers a broad range of systematized training and education programs to enhance individual employees' skills and abilities and help them fulfill their potential.

Main Efforts (TAIYO YUDEN)

Manufacturing workforce development

We provide data analysis and statistical analysis training as part of efforts to improve operational processes and efficiency. In FY2017, we started statistical analysis software training programs. In FY2018, junior-level courses were rolled out to teach practical statistical processing skills, covering a range of processes from identifying areas for improvement, quality control, production management, and project management to refining quality in the design stage. We will continue providing appropriate training to enable the sophistication of manufacturing processes in compliance with quality and safety standards.

Career design and development

At TAIYO YUDEN, as a way to increase motivation for work, all employees are asked to set a semiannual goal (commitment) and share it with their supervisor in periodic interview sessions. The intention is to instill in employees a sense of anticipation and accomplishment, and encourage them to engage in skill-building activities on their own.
In order to support each employee with their self-fulfillment efforts from a medium- to long-term viewpoint, we run career planning programs to provide an opportunity for employees to consider their career goals and explore approaches toward them. In addition, an in-house career counseling service has been established for employees to use as necessary.

Engagement survey

For the purpose of boosting the energy and enthusiasm of employees, we perform work engagement surveys, starting from FY2020, to grasp the current level and set a target (calculated in reference to the New Brief Job Stress Questionnaire [80 questions]; response rate: 90.1%). Based on the survey results, we will draw up and carry out work engagement improvement plans, with a view to promoting health-oriented management and work style reform, and seeking to increase individual employees' motivation for work and invigorate organizational and teamwork activities.

Major Training Programs Provided in FY2023 (TAIYO YUDEN)

Training type Objective Major courses Participants
Level-specific training Develop a mindset, knowledge, and skills to be able to fulfill the current role, and also build skills for future needs New employee training, fundamental knowledge development, promotion training, etc. 1,171
Leadership training Develop executive candidates; identify and develop future leaders Leadership training, selective training for junior level, etc. 64
Career development support Provide individual employees with an opportunity to review their past career development efforts and create a plan for the future to achieve their career goals Career planning, etc. 321
Theme-based training Address the company's specific management issues and implement strategies Quality training, 5S training, statistics training, etc. 1,406