Human Resource Strategy

Group Human Resources Strategy

TAIYO YUDEN Group is striving to realize the richness of employees by taking great care of their characters or personalities with understanding of human resource diversity based on Company foundation philosophy.
Accordingly, we will continue to produce globalize talents who can experience different cultures and realize management strategies, as well as innovative talents who are able to create new values to contribute to society by enhancing their expertise and creativity. Also, to fulfill Human Resources mission of "Facilitate employee's future and excellent organization," in pursuit of each employee's personal growth as well as enhancement of corporate value creation, we will create an environment where all Group Talents and organizations can play an active role in order to accelerate the development of human resources.

Main Efforts

Global Human Resources Development

As a manufacturing company, TAIYO YUDEN Group is working to create personnel recruitment/management systems that will enable it to prevail against global competition. For overseas base human resources in particular, we are cooperating with human resources development organizations to encourage the dispatching and sending of employees to our headquarters in Japan, the implementation of a technical internship program and training that is geared toward over-seas human resources, while developing specialized on-the-job training (OJT), also at our headquarters in Japan. We will continue to develop global human resources and accelerate the turning out in great numbers of global human resources who are able to play active roles in Japan and overseas.

Leader Development

TAIYO YUDEN Group has a training program for talents who will be responsible for Taiyo Yuden after 5-10 years. The program started last year, and a total of 80 people took the course. In the first year, we learned the method with the theme of learning organization (organization that finds and solve problems by ourselves), and in the second year, we carried out the workshop of thinking about strategies by imagining 10 years later. This is a program that takes three years to learn the skills and ways of thinking for the next generation, not one-off training.

Quality Education

Quality affects the quality of all work, not just the manufacturing site. TAIYO YUDEN Group has been providing five in-house quality trainings since FY2019 so that participants can understand and practice the scientific methods and ideas that will help them change the way they work. We aim to improve the quality of the TAIYO YUDEN Group by encouraging them to understand and practice the basic methods of quality control and methods that are effective in problem solving and data processing for all occupations and industries.

Talent Training & Development Scheme (TAIYO YUDEN)

TAIYO YUDEN established various training & development systems so that each employee can maximize their individual abilities.

Main Efforts (TAIYO YUDEN)

Development of Manufacturing Talents

Through data analysis and statistical analysis training, we are making progress with further improvements in business operation and efficiency. In addition to training to learn the statistical analysis software that has conducted since FY2017, since FY2018 we have conducted practical statistical training for young employees by which they are able to learn, from an "awareness" of on-site improvements to quality management, production management, project management and the building in of quality at the design stage. We will continue education for the advancement of quality- and safety-based manufacturing.

Education for Career Design and Development

In order for TAIYO YUDEN employees to work with "job satisfaction" and "job motivation", all employees set goals (commitments) on a semi-annual basis and conduct regular interviews with their supervisors to create a sense of expectation and accomplishment, so that employees can consciously take actions towards capability development.
From a medium- to long-term perspective, employees will be provided with career plan training by rank and age as an opportunity to think about the career they want to pursue and the career plan to achieve it, and we will support each employee in the process of self-actualization.

Engagement Survey

In order to understand and strengthen the current organizational strength, we conducted an engagement survey last year (a survey of Taiyo Yuden employees with a response rate of 88.5%). We quantitatively understand the strengths and weaknesses of an organization from the perspective of employment engagement, and for each weakness, we devise solutions and work to improve them. In the future, we plan to carry out it regularly and check the progress of improvement.

Achievements of Major Training Programs in FY2019 (TAIYO YUDEN)

Type of Training Content Main training Participants
Rank-based training Training to learn the consciousness, knowledge, and skills necessary to fulfill one's role. Includes training for early acquisition of skills for the future. New employee training, Fundamental knowledge establishment training, promotion training etc. 451
Leader development training Training to discover and nurture management executive candidates and future leader candidates. Leader training, Selective training for Junior staff etc. 74
Career development support training In order to realize the desired state of each employee, training that reflects on the career of the past and considers the future of the career. Career plan training etc. 296
Core issue training Training to solve company management issues and realize strategies Quality training, 5S training, diversity training etc. 1713