Human Rights and Labor

Human Rights/ Labor Policy

TAIYO YUDEN Group is striving to establish the company trusted by society in terms of respecting human rights and complying with relevant laws, regulations or international rules regarding labor as well as deciding on policies for human rights and labor.

Policies (CSR Code of Conduct)

Article 11 (Labor)

  1. No child labor, forced labor or its support, enhancement or promotion shall be made.
  2. Work conditions shall be controlled appropriately. (Wages, work hours, holidays etc.)

Article 12 (Respect of Human Rights, Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment)

  1. The diversity, personality and individuality shall be respected and the work environment without any discrimination shall be ensured.
  2. No power harassment or sexual harassment by authority shall be conducted.

CSR Code of Conduct

Labor Human Rights Management Policy and Compliance Requirements

Prohibition of Child Labor / Forced Labor

In TAIYO YUDEN Group, child labor and forced labor are prohibited.
Each site confirms that it has reached the working age stipulated in the laws and regulations before employment, and prevents child workers from being employed.
For hiring-decided persons, we conduct explanation on labor conditions (satisfying requirements by the laws and regulations and are based on international rules), with mutual consent for labor conditions by and between management and have mutual consent from both labor and management to employ before starting work.
When TAIYO YUDEN asks employees to relocate due to employees' house relocation, as a general rule, TAIYO YUDEN will also inform the employees themselves and the labor union one month or more before the personnel relocation happens. In the event of an objection by the labor union, we will consult with the labor union until a mutual agreement is reached.


Compliance rate is 100% in all countries or regions.

FY2019 Results

Country or Region Employees
(in thousands)
Prohibition of Child Labor Prohibition of Forced Labor
Japan 5.5 100% 100%
USA, Europe 0.1 100% 100%
China, Taiwan 4.5 100% 100%
South Korea 0.8 100% 100%
Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand 5.9 100% 100%
Philippines 4.9 100% 100%

(*) Please refer to Health and Safety Activities for the information of circumstances surrounding Health and Safety.

Prohibition of Discriminations and Inhumane Treatments

In TAIYO YUDEN Group, discriminations and inhumane treatments are prohibited.
Respecting characters and personalities of employees, no discriminations in terms of nationality, gender, religion and sexual orientation should be conducted. Also, in order to prevent any kind of harassments from taking place, we perform education on a regular basis and enhance comprehension of employees for harassments.

For both regular and non-regular employees, TAIYO YUDEN is applying benefit programs such as medical care for health checkup, accident compensation against the difficulties or diseases caused in working, and childcare/family-care leave.

Labor Human Rights Management System

TAIYO YUDEN Group is arranging and performing Labor Human Rights Management System in order to respect human rights and ensure proper working environment.
For putting the policies into specific actions, PDCA activities are conducted at each site for further continuous improvement based on "Labor Human Rights Management Policy and Compliance Requirements."

Labor Human Rights Management Policy and Compliance Requirements


TAIYO YUDEN Group regularly conducts training on labor human rights such as prohibition of child labor/forced labor and prohibition of discriminations and inhumane treatments in order to deepen the understanding of human rights/appropriate labor for each employee.

In Japan domestic group, 4,521 employees had E-learning & test was performed in January, 2020.

Labor Management

TAIYO YUDEN Group complies with the working hours, holidays, and vacations stipulated by laws and regulations applicable to each site, and understands the working conditions required by the RBA Code of Conduct etc. and strives for compliance.

Working hour is precisely controlled with highly-reliable system, and by observing the laws and regulations regarding minimum wage and equal wage for men and women in each country or region, fair remuneration is paid based on working accomplishment. Also, taking into consideration the burden of an employee and the family, taking leaves are promoted such as paid holidays, childcare leave and family-care leave.

(*) Please refer to Employee Data (TAIYO YUDEN)  for the information of taking-child-care-leave status.

Communication with Employees

In TAIYO YUDEN Group, for proceeding company activities, with the purpose of maintaining mutual relationships between employees and company, the opportunities for communications with employees in order to exchange opinions.

TAIYO YUDEN is striving for improvement with the labor union to have work-site life with ease based on the fundamental policy of "job satisfaction/motivation in life/easier living."
In case of making important changes to the business, the labor union consultations take place at "Central Labor-Management Council" and consultations about working conditions and work environment are conducted at "Labor-Management Exploratory Committee" in order to achieve the common goal of permanent advancement in the company. Also, the labor unions and the company have concluded a collective agreement stipulating health and safety matters, and have been discussing and examining issues. In case of collective bargaining, both TAIYO YUDEN and the labor union are  observing the articles regarding notification term and consultation or negotiation, and practicing the articles by respecting the others mutually with honesty and peace.

Labor Union in TAIYO YUDEN
Union members: 2,520
Labor Union participating rate for all employees: 90.4% (As of the end of FY2019)