Achievement Levels for Medium-Term Occupational Health and Safety Targets

All employees participate in health and safety efforts based on the Fundamental Principle of Health and Safety outlined in the Taiyo Yuden Group Safety and Environment Charter and implemented according to the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS).

Fundamental Principle of Health and Safety, and Targets

In order to realize our health and safety philosophy of “creating a workplace where employees can work without anxiety,” the Taiyo Yuden Group has drawn up group-wide medium-term plans. The medium-term plan is set to prevent industrial accidents by clarifying action targets for each 5Ms (Man, Machine, Method, Material, Measurement) and by setting a target incidence rate of injuries and illness for numerically evaluating the result of such efforts.

FY2022 Work-related Accidents and Safety Indicators

In FY2022, the incidence rate of injuries and illness for the entire group was 0.015 (see G1), the accident frequency rate was 0.07 (see G2), and the danger rate was 0.0032.
Note: No fatal accident has occurred.

G1: Trends in incidence rate of injuries and illness

G2: Trends in Accident Frequency Rate

We are promoting countermeasures against occupational injury and illness by conducting risk assessments in all workplaces. We found no workplace with high risks. Going forward, we will continue to conduct activities geared toward achieving zero work-related accidents from the perspective of the 5Ms, based on our medium-term health and safety plan.