Notice regarding Counterfeit TAIYO YUDEN Products

Precautions against Counterfeit TAIYO YUDEN Products

We thank you very much for choosing TAIYO YUDEN products.

In recent years, TAIYO YUDEN has detected some counterfeit products falsely claiming to be made by TAIYO YUDEN or with imitation TAIYO YUDEN labels, which are being sold through sales channels other than our sales offices and authorized distributors (hereinafter "TAIYO YUDEN's official sales channels") in many areas around the world. Currently, it is very difficult for our customers to easily recognize these products as counterfeit products by its appearance, etc.

Counterfeit products do not meet TAIYO YUDEN's quality assurance standards, and it may cause malfunction to your products as well as cause serious safety issues. In addition, unfortunately, there were some actual cases that some customers used counterfeit products in their products and that caused a quality failure.

In response to this situation, TAIYO YUDEN will continue to take decisive steps toward eliminating counterfeit products in order to enable our customers to use TAIYO YUDEN products safely. However, it is difficult to eliminate all sales channels other than TAIYO YUDEN's official sales channels.

Accordingly, TAIYO YUDEN urges that, in order to avoid purchasing counterfeit products, our customers purchase TAIYO YUDEN products only through TAIYO YUDEN's official sales channels. For checking TAIYO YUDEN's official sales channels or any questions, please contact your nearest sales office or fill in the contact form.


Counterfeit products are not covered under warranty by TAIYO YUDEN. In addition, TAIYO YUDEN is not responsible for any failure or damage resulting from the use of counterfeit products.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.