Activities on Labor and Human Rights

Code of conduct regarding Labor and Human Rights

Article 11 (Labor)

  1. No child labor, forced labor or its support, enhancement or promotion shall be made.
  2. Work conditions shall be controlled appropriately. (Wages, work hours, holidays and etc.)

Article 12 (Respect of Human Rights, Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment)

  1. The diversity, personality and individuality shall be respected and the work environment without any discrimination shall be ensured.
  2. No power harassment or sexual harassment by authority shall be conducted.

Labor Human Rights Management Policy and Compliance Requirements

Circumstances surrounding Labor and the Human Rights

Goal: Compliance rate are 100% in all countries.
Country or Area Employee Number FY2017 Compliance Rate
Child Labor Forced Labor
Japan 5.5k 100% 100%
USA, Europe 0.1k 100% 100%
China, Taiwan 4.3k 100% 100%
Korea 0.9k 100% 100%
Singapore, Malaysia 4.5k 100% 100%
Philippines 4.9k 100% 100%

(*) Please refer to Health and Safety Activities for the information of circumstances surrounding Health and Safety.