Emiko Hamada

Outside, Independent Director

Emiko Hamada

Date of birth: November 23, 1958

  • Apr. 1984

    Joined the Company

  • Sep. 2003

    Chief Researcher of Basic Research and Development Department, Research Institute, Technology Group of the Company

  • Apr. 2007

    Left the Company

  • Nov. 2008

    Associate Professor of Center for Social Contribution and Collaboration of Nagoya Institute of Technology

  • Apr. 2011

    Professor (Techno-Business Administration) of Graduate School at Center for Social Contribution and Collaboration of Nagoya Institute of Technology

  • Apr. 2012

    Professor of Center for Research on Assistive Technology for Building a New Community of Nagoya Institute of Technology

  • May 2015

    Third Sector Program Officer of Adaptable and Seamless Technology transfer Program through targetdriven R&D of Japan Science and Technology Agency (to the present)

  • Jul. 2016

    Part-time Lecturer of Nagoya Institute of Technology (to the present)

  • Aug. 2016

    Visiting Professor of Nagoya University

  • Jun. 2017

    Outside Director of NGK INSULATORS, LTD. (to the present)

  • Jun. 2019

    Outside Director of the Company (to the present)

Reasons for appointment
While Ms. Emiko Hamada was employed by the Company, she engaged in the development and commercialization of CDR and DVD-R. After she left the Company, she has conducted research activities for many years as a university professor mainly focusing on industry-academia-government collaboration projects. She also has experience in serving as an Outside Director at another company. The Company believes her suggestions of business execution and management supervision as an Outside Director will be valuable to the Group. For these reasons, it was judged that she will be able to provide advice and suggestions regarding overall management at the meetings of the Company’s Board of Directors, and therefore she was appointed as a candidate for Independent Outside Director. Although Ms. Hamada has not been involved in corporate management in ways other than being an outside officer, it was judged for the above-mentioned reasons that she would be able to appropriately execute the duties of Outside Director.