Human Resource Strategy

TAIYO YUDEN GROUP is striving to realize the richness of employees by taking great care of their characters or personalities with understanding of human resource diversity based on Company foundation philosophy.

Accordingly, we will continue to produce globalize talents who can experience different cultures and realize management strategies, as well as innovative talents who are able to create new values to contribute to society by enhancing their expertise and creativity . Also, to fulfill Human Resources mission of "Facilitate employee's future and excellent organization," in pursuit of each employee's personal growth as well as enhancement of corporate value creation, we will create an environment where all group talents and organizations can play an active role in order to accelerate the development of human resources.

Main Talent Development Activities

Development of Executives/ Next Generation Managers

TAIYO YUDEN executives (including outside directors, outside corporate auditors, and executive officers) have training opportunities to fulfill their roles and responsibilities with a broader perspective and insight. We hold training for all executives and executive coating for future manager candidates. Going forward, officers of the Company will continue to strive for sincerity through training opportunities, with the Corporate Governance Code in mind.

Development of Global Talents

As a manufacturing company, TAIYO YUDEN Group is building a human resource supply and operation system to win global competition. In particular, for personnel at overseas bases, we have been working on TAIYO YUDEN's overseas assignment, business trips, technical internship programs, and specialized on-the-job training in TAIYO YUDEN in partnership with human resource development organizations that promote training for overseas human resources. We will continue to develop global human resources and accelerate the production of global human resources who can play an active role both in Japan and overseas.

Development of Manufacturing Talents

TAIYO YUDEN is working to further improve operations and improve efficiency through data analysis and statistical analysis education. In addition to training to acquire software for statistical analysis that has been ongoing since last fiscal year, in this year, practical statistics education was conducted for young employees to learn about making things, from the "awareness" of on-site improvement to quality management, production management, project management, and quality at the design stage. We will continue education for the advancement of manufacturing based on quality and safety.

Education of career design and development

In order for TAIYO YUDEN employees to work with "job satisfaction" and "job motivation", all employees set goals (commitments) on a semi-annual basis and conduct regular interviews with their supervisors to create a sense of expectation and accomplishment, so that employees can consciously take actions towards capability development.

From a medium- to long-term perspective, employees will be provided with career plan training by rank and age as an opportunity to think about the career they want to pursue and the career plan to achieve it, and we will support each employee in the process of self-actualization.

Number of Participants
  FY 2016 FY 2017 FY 2018
After-2-year Training 40 44 48
Life Plan Education (Target; 35 years old) 71 63 50
Life Plan Education (Target; 45 years old) 216 146 243
Career Plan Education 62 62 47