We have changed the prevailing concepts of electrolytic capacitors and multilayer capacitors with the introduction of TAIYO YUDEN's super high-end product with the world's first 330µF  small-size high value high reliability low ESR low ESL

Multilayer ceramic capacitors will shift to 1000µF

The demand for multilayer ceramic capacitors that exceed the electrostatic capacitance of 100µF is constantly increasing. There are industrial devices supporting communication infrastructures that have needs for up to a few hundred of the 100µF capacitors. The market demands call for replacement of electrolytic capacitors with fewer number of multilayer ceramic capacitors, which equates to increased demand for even higher values than 100uF with the multilayer ceramic technology.
In September 2014, TAIYO YUDEN became the first in the world to realize an electrostatic capacitance of 470µF with multilayer ceramic capacitors. The Company continues as the world leader and pioneer of component miniaturizing and the increased capacitance of multilayer ceramic capacitors over 100µF.
TAIYO YUDEN recognizes critical market shifts in demand and appeal for super high-end products. We have completed and made available a 1000µF ceramic capacitor by developing further capacitance enhancement in our products.

■TAIYO YUDEN 1000µF ultra high value capacitor road map

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