Responsible Minerals Procurement

Responsible Minerals Procurement Policy

TAIYO YUDEN Group established CSR Charter / CSR Code of Conduct and promotes CSR activities in order to fulfill social responsibility. As "Mutual Trust / CSR" in our Procurement Policy, TAIYO YUDEN Group shall actively practice the CSR management in procurement activities and further establish sound partnership to build mutual trust and development.

TAIYO YUDEN Group promotes "Minerals Procurement" to full fill social responsibility in Supply chain. TAIYO YUDEN Group procure the realized minerals without involvement in conflicts, human rights violation or labor issues.

TAIYO YUDEN Group requests suppliers to understand the TAIYO YUDEN's procurement policy and cooperate with the survey on the procurement process. Furthermore, TAIYO YUDEN Group requests suppliers to procure minerals from the refiners/smelters approved by globally recognized frameworks such as RMI (Responsible Minerals Initiative).


  1. We construct management system of minerals procurement complied with OECD due diligence guidance.
  2. We promote "Responsible Minerals Procurement" throughout supply-chain in collaboration with industry organization.
  3. We identify and evaluate risks by using globally standardized programs such as the latest CMRT.
  4. When non-corrective mineral procurement is found, we will stop to procure and take corrective action.
  5. We disclose results of mineral procurement survey upon customers' request.

July, 2020
Susumu Higuchi
Senior Operating Officer,
in charge of Global SCM Center

Procedure for the Submission of Concerns Regarding Responsible Minerals Risk