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Does capacitance of ceramic capacitors change by voltage?
What are capacitance voltage/bias characteristics in capacitors?

In high dielectric type capacitors, capacitance changes by applying voltage to them. Capacitance change by applied voltage is called capacitance voltage characteristics or bias characteristics.
This is caused by the material used in ceramic capacitors, and generally occurs on ceramic capacitors of other companies.
In temperature compensating type capacitors such as Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors(Temperature compensating type) and Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors for High Frequency Applications (1GHz+), almost no capacitance change by voltage occurs due to the difference of the material from high dielectric type.

The following picture is showing capacitance change ratio by applying DC voltage to our product LMK212BJ105KD-T.

In both cases, it is important to select an adequate capacitor refering to voltage characteristics so as to get required capacitance at applied voltage in actual circuits.
Please access to TY-COMPAS for voltage characteristics of each product where you can search specifications and characteristics of our products.