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What points should I care for storing ceramic capacitors?

Please refer to the following extract from precautions on the use in the catalog.


  1. To maintain the solderability of terminal electrodes and to keep packaging materials in good condition, care must be taken to control temperature and humidity in the storage area. Humidity should especially be kept as low as possible.
    Recommended conditions
    • Ambient temperature : Below 30℃
    • Humidity : Below 70% RH
    The ambient temperature must be kept below 40℃. Even under ideal storage conditions, solderability of capacitor is deteriorated as time passes, so capacitors shall be used within 6 months from the time of delivery. Ceramic chip capacitors shall be kept where no chlorine or sulfur exists in the air.
  2. The capacitance values of high dielectric constant capacitors will gradually decrease with the passage of time, so care shall be taken to design circuits . Even if capacitance value decreases as time passes, it will get back to the initial value by a heat treatment at 150℃ for 1hour.

Technical considerations

If capacitors are stored in a high temperature and humidity environment, it might rapidly cause poor solderability due to terminal oxidation and quality loss of taping/packaging materials. For this reason, capacitors shall be used within 6 months from the time of delivery. If exceeding the above period, please check solderability before using the capacitors.

* Precautions on the use is here.