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The Piezoelectric Actuators from TAIYO YUDEN provide not only oscillations, but delicate and high-quality tactile sensations based on piezoelectric element technologies. This enables applications in touch devices through tactile functions.

Introductory Video

An easy to understand explanation of TAIYO YUDEN's "Piezoelectric Actuators."

Positioning of Actuators within Tactile Functions

Various actuators are used for tactile functions. "Notification" uses eccentricity motors, linear resonance actuators, and other electromagnetic actuators, while "force feedback" utilizes piezoelectric actuators in addition to such electromagnetic actuators. The subsequent "tactile sensation" requires piezoelectric actuators with a broad drive frequency band and a quick response speed.

Advantages of the "Piezoelectric Actuators" from TAIYO YUDEN

This section introduces the advantages of "Piezoelectric Actuators" which optimize the lamination technology cultivated in our Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors and Multilayer Ceramic Inductors.

Technical Information

We optimized material properties such as the low dielectric constant and high electromechanical coupling as well as the laminate structure to realize a high displacement and low power consumption actuator.
Layer thickness t
Number of layers n
Combines high k, low ε, and an optimized laminate structure.
Material properties
Electromechanical coupling coefficient
Dielectric constant
Lamination technology
Panel deformed state image
Optimal design glass panel t 0.5 mm
Optimal design crystallized resin panel t 1.5 mm
Panel displacement
Actuator thickness [um]
Enables simulation according to the panel shape, material, and plate thickness.
We offer the optimal actuator structure based on the customer's intended application.

Case Studies

Piezoelectric Actuators can accommodate various applications such as fluid control, acoustics, vibration control, cooling, and ultrasonics through the direction of displacement. In particular, TAIYO YUDEN actuators possess superior characteristics for high displacement and low power consumption due to the material technologies, the lamination, and film lamination technologies.
Vertical displacement actuator
Horizontal displacement actuator
Stack-type non-lead element
Beam-type element
Ultraslim-type element
Liquid control
Fuel injection
Mass flow controller
Micro pump
Panel receiver (speaker)
Vibration control
High-speed damper
Tactile technology use (panel switch)
Cooling blower
Power generation
Energy harvesting
Energy harvesting
Appliance application examples
Use instead of physical switches, improves the designability.
Other application examples
Reproduce various types of tactile sensation.

Solution Proposals for Tactile Perception/FFB (Force Feedback)

Optimal piezoelectric actuator structure and size for flat panels
Mounting position and method, etc. for flat panels
Methods for fixing flat panels
Optimal shape proposals
We can propose various shapes.
Optimal mounting proposals
Proposals for the optimal element structure using vibration simulations
Optimal circuit proposals
Analog/digital waveform signal
Touch event
We supply the piezoelectric actuator.
Touch screen and
capacitive button
Optimal drive
voltage proposal
Drive applied voltage (Vpp or less)
Tactile application