Remuneration Policy for Directors and Auditors

Policy to determine the remuneration paid to Corporate Officers

The Company has planned the remuneration system for remuneration paid to Directors focusing on incentive coupled with business results and conducted fair evaluation for the purpose of improving business performance. The remuneration paid to Outside Directors and Corporate Auditors is only the "monthly remuneration."
The standard of remuneration is determined by taking into account appropriateness based on situation of competitors and economic and social conditions, etc.
The Company also has set the Remuneration Committee chaired by an Outside Director to discuss and report the remuneration system for Corporate Officers and content of individual remuneration for the purpose of securing "transparency and fairness" of the decision-making process of the remuneration.

Contents of policy

Remunerations paid to Directors consist of "monthly remuneration," "Director bonus" and "stock option-type remuneration." The specific contents of remuneration are determined by the Board of Directors after the amount is determined according to the internal regulations and discussed by the Remuneration Committee as stated below.

Monthly remuneration Based on roles and responsibilities, the monthly remuneration is provided for in the internal regulations by Director ranking.
Director bonus As performance-linked remuneration, the amount of Director bonus is calculated on the basis of previous fiscal year consolidated results as per the internal regulations, and adjusted in consideration of the number of Directors to be paid and other elements.
Stock option-type remuneration Stock option compensation plan has been introduced as incentive to improve the mid- and long-term corporate value. The number of shares prescribed by the internal regulations based on Director ranking is granted to Directors (excepting Outside Directors).