Information Security Policy

TAIYO YUDEN Group Information Security Policy

Based on its mission and management philosophy, TAIYO YUDEN Group appropriately manages information assets entrusted by its customers and business partners and information assets held by TAIYO YUDEN Group, recognizes that the maintenance and improvement of information security is one of its major business challenges, has established the following policy and will continue to take measures for information security.

1. Compliance

TAIYO YUDEN Group shall comply with laws, regulations, contractual requirements and other rules in respective countries and regions.

2. Improvement of management quality for business growth

TAIYO YUDEN Group shall enhance its information security in order to improve its management quality for business growth and increase its social value as a corporation.

3. Appropriate management of information assets

TAIYO YUDEN Group shall appropriately manage important information assets containing personal information, customer information, and trade secret information in order to protect the rights and interests of all stakeholders.

4. Response to information security incidents

In the event of a security problem with information assets, TAIYO YUDEN Group shall promptly conduct an investigation into the cause of the problem, minimize the damage and endeavor to prevent recurrence in order to secure business continuity.

5. Continuous improvement of information security

TAIYO YUDEN Group shall continuously endeavor to improve its information security through the establishment of a management system, as well as goal setting for resolution of information security issues, implementation of various measures, verification of their effectiveness, and carrying out of improvement activities.

Established on July 1, 2023
Officer in charge of Information Security